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Carson j warren

Carson went to those same Specialties in Kansas and Oklahoma, and ended up with 2 Reserves at the Kansas shows, and 2 Winners Dog at the Oklahoma ones. He finished his Championship quickly with 3 Specialty majors.

Marlie bos ks1 brian

Marlie went to Kansas and Oklahoma this spring for 4 Specialties. She is shown here going Best of Opp at the Kansas Specialty. She had 4 Reserves at those same shows. Her time is coming.

Torrey continues his winning ways!  He has so many nice wins, I can't keep up with all the nice photos. The Ad below is special since he got his Platinum Grand Champion.
Hassler 16
Torrey rbis

Another Reserve Best In Show. Yea Torrey!

Isd san diego spec fsc

We love this photo! As of 3/31 Torrey was #1 Irish Setter and #5 Sporting dog. We are sooooo proud of you Torrey. Good Boy!

Mar carson ckc 1

Although neither went Breed that day, both kids won points 3 of the 4 days entered at the large CKC and Plum Creek shows here in Denver. We decide to do a "fun" photo and love this one. Way to go kids!

Carson isc cal 1

Carson, Tramore Standing Ovation, is shown winning a 5 pt. Best of Winners at the Irish Setter Club of Southern California, near Palm Springs. He was 9 1/2 months and also went Best Puppy.

Rbis greys lake

Torrey just went Reserve Best In Show at a great weekend in Grey's Lake.

Robertsphotos dsc3519

Shown taking his 3rd Best In Show. He has many Reserve Best In Shows to his credit too!!

Duet major 3

Duet is now Ch. Tramore Premier Duet owned and shown by Gwen Newman. Way to go guys. She is the 5th from the Premier litter to finish a Championship.

Br 3

Phineas shown on his way to Select Dog at the Flatirons K.C. shows in May 2015. He just turned 2 years, and is well on his way to his Grand Championship.

Scan 72015 1

Stuart is shown going Best of Winners at the Longmont show in June. He was almost a year. High Five!

Torrey show photos 0002

Group I before going Best In Show.

Torrey show photos 0004

Torrey shown taking a Reserve Best In Show the day after his Best In Show!!!

Img 1647

Torrey just received his second Best In Show. He now has 2 Best and 4 Reserve Best. He is on a roll. More pics to come.

Wyatt fin 1

Wyatt is now Ch. Tramore Premier Flight, who finished his Championship at the Irish Setter Club of Arizona. He is the 3rd to finish his Championship from this litter. Wyatt moves just like his grandfather, Pierce.....effortless, correct, and just beautiful.

Stuart rwd 1

Stuart is show going Reserve Winners Dog at the Irish Setter Club of Arizona Specialty. It was all in the family. Wyatt's Mom is Kristopher's sister, and Stuart was sired by Kristopher who also won the Breed that same day.

Robertsphotos dsc3365

Kristopher winning his 4th Specialty Best of Breed. He has a wonderful record considering the limited number of shows at attends. We look forward to more puppies from you!

Torrey westminster kc 021715 select dog

Good boy Torrey. Select Dog at Westminster. He looked beautiful.

Phineas bob sammkc small

Phineas goes Best of Breed in Jan. Young boy, but lovely in every respect

Torrey show photo ldkc grp 1 020815

Another Group I for Torrey to start off the year. He received another the next day.

Torrey national ds bob

Torrey won BOB at the National Dog show in Philadelphia, and was seen on TV on Thanksgiving day. We are so proud of this boy. Way to go Torrey!!

Fox river kc 053114 and 0601014

Another Group I

Bismark kc 080114 and 080214

Torrey shown winning a Group II at Bismark K.C. Way to go Torrey.

Great dekalb kc 070514 rbis

Shown taking a Group I at Dekalb K. C.


Cian is shown taking his second Specialty major in Ohio.

Best winners seattle 14

Phineas shown going Best of Winner at the Irish Setter Club of Seattle Specialty. He also won Best In Sweeps that same day.

Bob phinny

Phineas, Tramore Premiere on Phinney Green shown going Best of Breed over Specials In Portland. Good going!

Duet, Tramore Premier Duet, won a Specialty 4 pt. major in Wisconsin.  Way to go Duet and Gwen.   Photo to come.

Phineas, Tramore Permiere On Phinney Green, took major points in Oregon and has a Best of Breed over Specials. Way to go!

Rasmussen ad

Kristopher won Back to Back Reserve Best In Show. We're thinking a few of his kids look much like him!

Kristopher at 2014 nationals 001

Kristopher is shown winning first Award of Merit at the Ohio National 2014. We are so proud of this boy and hope many of his kids take after him!!

Cian wd2014

Cian won a very large (27 dogs) 12-18 class at the Ohio National. It was very exciting to see the judge work the dogs before making his placements. Cian then went on to win WINNERS DOG!!! Very exciting.

Tramore Premier Performance, Cian, was second in his Sweepstakes class, and won the 27 dog 12-18 Class at this year's National in Ohio.  Better yet he then went on to WINNERS DOG!!!  So very exciting.  He looked gorgeous.  Photos to come. 
Phineas national 12 18

Phineas was 3rd in the 12-18 month class the Ohio National. There were 27 young dogs in this class, and all 4 brothers made the cut, with Phinny and Cian placing. They all looked beautiful.

Scan0001 12

Duet, Tramore Premier Duet, is shown winning the 12-15 month Sweeps class at the Ohio National. Such a lovely girl!

Kristopher is continuing his winning ways.  At this year's National he was first Award of Merit, and looked his usual gorgeous, free flowing self.  He is the perfect example of balance standing or moving.  Better still he now has 14 new kids!  Way to go to both these boys!!!

CGH. Tramore Notorious, Torrey

5 10 14 j235

Best In Show under J. Michael Dachel. What a weekend. 2 Specailty Best of Breeds, and a Reserve Best In Show. Wow. We are sooooo proud!!!!

GCH. Tramore Notorious "Torrey"

Torrey photos 0010

Torrey is shown taking a Group I at Packerland K. C. Look'n Good!!

Tramore Premier Performance "Cian"


Cian, Tramore Premier Performance, is shown taking his second Best In Sweeps at the Potomac Irish Setter Specialty shows. He now is pointed, and a UKC Champion.

GCH. Abbeylane Tramore Above The Limit "Kristopher"

Kristopher westminster 2014 001

To have Khristopher go Best of Breed at Westminster was the thrill of a lifetime for Dale Michaelson and Brian Rasmussen. I am so please to have been a part of it as co-breeder and having produced his sire and dam. Watch for him being shown selectively at Specialties, and around the country. Feb. 2014

GCH. Tramore Notorious "Torrey"

Torrey 2

GCH. Tramore Notorious, Torrey, received an Award of Merit at Westminster K. C. I'm so proud of both Torrey and Kristopher for these extremely nice wins. Way to go boys!!! Feb. 2014

Ch. Tramore National Treasure "Treasure"

Filename 1 jpg treas

Treasure finished her Championship at the Fiesta Cluster in Scottsdale. She had 3 Reserves to majors the few shows before, so is really coming into her own. Thanks to Tara and Bruce Schultz for showing her.

Can. Ch. Tramore Abbeylane To The Limit "Daisy"

Daisy essex 2013 group 4

Can. Ch. Tramore Abbeylane To The Limit, Daisy, owned by Larry Mosgrove in Canada, is shown winning a Group 4 on the way to her Canadian Championship. She has just started to be shown and should finish easily in the US after having her first litter of puppies.

CGH. Abbeylane Tramore Above The Limit "Kristopnher"

Yourphoto dsc6896 2

Kristopher, Gch. Abbeylane Above The Limit is shown going Reserve Best In Shows. He had a Group II the next day, and an Award of Merit at the Virginia National Specialty in April. He's on a roll and looking gorgeous. Look for him in the future. We think it looks very bright. May 2013

Ch. Tramore Cobblestone Catamount "Monty


Monty is shown taking another major at just 13 months of age. This boy is developing very nicely, and think he'll make his mark. June 2013

Ch. Tramore Cobblestone Catamount "Monty"

Img 5593 std

Monty, Tramore Cobblestone Catamount is shown winning the 9-12 Sweeps Class at the Virginia National. We weren't quite ready so excuse the tail. Hmmmm.....seems like I do that a lot! Still, he looked the best in this photo. April 2013

Tramore National Treasure "Treasure"

Treas az

Treasure is shown taking a major at the large Scottsdale shows under Judge Suzanne Dillin.  Although slow to start, Treasure has been coming along nicely and is almost finished.  She will not go to the National this year cause we think she won't be quite the right type.  Hopefully she'll finish soon.  Feb. 2013


GCH. Tramore O So Couture "Coco"

Tramore National Treasure "Treasure"

Coco 7 77
Treasure reworked ckc

Ch. Tramore Oh So Couture  "Coco" is shown going Best of Breed at the Ft. Worth Specialty. 3/13 

Treasure is just starting to come into her own.  She sat home while we finished three bitches last year.  She is shown here going Best of Winners at the large CKC/Plum Creek K. C. shows the weekend after Westminster.  Way to go! 

Monty is shown taking his first major at his second show.  He also went Best of Winners the next day for his second major.  We think his future is bright.  He's only been in 3 shows.  Way to go and thanks Diane and Susan for producing this lovely dog.       Feb. 2013

Tramore Cobblestone Catamount "Monty"

Scan 2

Tramore Cobblestone Catamount "Monty"


Monty is shown in the grooming area after taking Best of Winners at the large Colorado Kennel Club and Plum Creek K.S. shows for 2 majors. Thanks to Karen Wilson and Mary Ann Alston for recognizing this young man.  These were his first shows and we think he has a bright future!

CGH. Abbeylane Tramore Above The Limit

Mail attachment 1

Kristopher is shown taking a Group 4.  He is the lovely Pierce son who has done so well.  We think he is growing up nicely. Good Going!! Kristopher now has a Group II at the Peninsula Dog Fancier's Club 3/23/13

Ch. Tramore Fair Dinkum,
Ripper, finished his Championship in Nov. in quick order.  For some reason I can't put his photo here, so click on his name and you can see his finishing photo and a lovely moving photo.  Way to go Ripper.  We have bred his sister Ch, Tramore Red Center, JH, and it will be interesting to see what this tight combination of Australian lines produces. 

GCH. Tramore Onora Rose "Rosie"

Rose 3rd major and best of breed053

Rosie is shown taking her 3rd Major and goes Best of Breed over Specials to finish.  Way to go Rose!!
She is owned by Russel Gibson in Utah.

FLASH!  Beeper takes two 4 pt. Best of Winners (one a Specialty) and Sarah get her second 4 pt. also.
Now being shown, is another sister, Rose, Tramore Onora Rose who now has 9 pts. and now just
needs her majors.  She is a bit more slow to mature then Beeper, Sarah, and Coco. 
We congratulate the recent wins of Beeper, now with 13pts.,  Treasure with 4 pts.  and Gemma who took her first major.  Way to go girls.  We'll hopefully get some updated photos soon.

Ch. Tramore Red Center JH "Margaux"

Margaux finishing 22


Margaux is show finishing her Championship at the Irish Setter Club of Arizona, with a 4 pt. Specialty major.  She finished with 3 majors and will now start working towards her Senior Hunter title.  Way to go Margaux.  

Tramore Red Center JH "Margaux

Margaux plum creek2

Shown taking another major under
Charles Trotter at the Plum Creek
K.C. show here in Denver

Ch. Tramore Outrageous JH "Sarah"

Sarah scottsdale 2


Sarah is shown taking a 4 pt. Best of Winners at the Scottsdale shows the very next day after Margaux finished.  She also had a Reserve the next day to a bitch who went on to Best of Breed.  We are very proud of both thes girls.  Wish the pictures had been a bit better.  Sarah then went on to win another 4pt.
major, and finished a few weekends later.  She's a lovely bitch with a very biddable temperament.

Margaux shown taking her first
major at the Sporting Dog
Classic in New Mexico.

Tramore Red Center JH "Margaux

Margaux sporting dog2

GCH. Tramore Galewinns Mak'n An Impact

Pierce bishow lower quality2

Pierce winning Best In Show with Ginny handling.
It was the thrill of a lifetime, and something
 never expected that day..... not that he didn't
deserve it, but it rarely happens with a dog that
isn't being heavily campaigned. 

Special thanks to Jane Forsyth, Breed and Group Judge
and James Ham for the Best In Show.

GCH. Tramore Galewinns Mak'n An Impact

Pierce group ii2

Pierce is shown taking a Group II
under Judge James White
at the Grand Valley K.C. show.
Oct. 2011

Ch. Tramore Notorious


 Torrey is shown winning a 3 pt. major at Flatirons K.C.
He then took a 4 pt. Best of Winners at the ISC Colorado Specialty in Aug.
Then finished with a 4 pt. ISC Minnesota Specialty a week later.
See his page for more pictures and details.

Tramore Notorious  "Torrey" May 2011


Torrey wd goodmap2
Torrey moving2

          Torrey is shown going Winners Dog from the 9-12 month Class at the 2011 National.
We were so thrilled and can't thank Judge Sam Houston McDonald
enough for this wonderful win.

Torrey has a lovely head, and dynamic, correct side movement.  Form follows function....
he's as sound as a dollar on the up and back.

Ch. Galewinns Spirit of Tramore

Galewinns Spirit of Tramore  "Bagger"  May 2011
Bagger head bivs
Bagger moving

Bagger goes Best In Veteran Sweeps. 
What a thrill to watch this lovely dog who still
shows like a youngster.

GCH. Tramore Galewinns Mak'n An Impact

GCH. Tramore Galewinns Mak'n An Impact  "Pierce"  May 2011
Pierc ad lib stack2
Pierce moving2

Pierce recieved an Award of Merit at the
Oklahoma Specialty.  Thanks for all
the wonderful comments we received
from fellow exhibitors.  Special thanks to
Jennifer Holmberg for presenting Pierce
so beautifully!

Tramore Outrageous JH

Tramore Outrageous  "Sarah"  may 2011
Sarah w pam2

Sarah, shown here with Pam Gale, was 3rd to her
sister Beeper in Sweeps, and won the
6-9 Puppy Bitch Class at the Oklahoma
Specialty.  Thanks Pam.

Tramore On Call

Tramore On Call  "Beeper"   May 2011

Beeper was 2nd in Sweeps and the Regular
6-9 class at the National.  The 1st place
bitch in Sweeps went on to win
Best In Sweeps.

Abbeylane Tramore Mak'n No Limits

Abbeylane Tramore Mak'n No Limits  "Michael"  May 2011
Michael open ok spec2
Michael moving2

Michael is shown winning the Open Dog Class at the
Oklahoma Specialty.  Michael took back seat to his
brother, Kristopher, who was Reserve Winners Dog
at last year's National.  Both boys are Pierce sons.
Galewinns Grace and Glory at Huntersglen  "Kibby"   May 2011
Kibby win photo2

Kibby, who won Best In Sweeps at last year's National, continues
his winning ways.  He won both American Bred classes at
this year's National and the Specialty the next day.

Margaux is Best Adult at the Colorado Tri Setter Match

Chase, Tramore Galewinns Mak'n Memories
goes Winner Dog for 2 pts. at Chambersburg K.C.
and Reserve Winner Dog the next day.
Pierce nm 23

GCH. Tramore Galewinns Mak'n An Impact
Shown winning 2 Specialty Best of Breeds
and a Group III at the Sporting Dog Shows
in New Mexico.  Nov. 2010

Ch. Abbeylane Tramore Above The Limit  "Kristopher"
November 2010

Kris finishing2
Kris in ring good
Kristopher is show finishing at 18 months, with a
Specialty major. This young Pierce son has had a
wonderful show career from the very beginning.
Watch for him in the Pacific Northwest after he
grows up a bit, and starts his Specials career.

Khristopher is shown in the Winners Dog class
at the 2010 National.  He went  Reserve Winners Dog.
What a thrill for all of us!!
(Click on Photo and scroll down through Dogs We've Bred to see more pictures of Kristopher)
Galewinns Grace and Glory at Huntersglen "Kibby"
"Kibby" is shown going Best In Sweeps, Best Puppy
and was considered for Winners Dog at the
Wisconsin National.  Kibby is owned and loved
by Kim & Tim Kleinschmidt and owned/co-bred
by Ginny Swanson, Tramore
(Click on Photo and scroll down through Dogs We've Bred to see more photos of Kibby)
Kibby best puppy2
Tramore Red Center " Margaux"

Margaux is coming along in the "field".  She received her 
1st Junior Hunt Test pass and we were thrilled.
When she "locks" on point it is really like those
old fashion Irish Setter pictures.  Some day
we'll capture the moment. 

Tramore Abbeylane To The Limit
April 11, 2010
Daisy champlain dog show
Daisy is shown taking a Puppy Group I at the Champlain Dog Show
She also took her 1st Canadian points that day
(Click on Photo and scroll down through Dogs We've Bred to see more pictures of Daisy)


Ch. Rossan's Pretty As A Picture, Bella, goes Best of Breed
at the Jacksonville, FL Specialty.  Bella is a Ch. Gwyndara Double Impact,
Foster,  daughter  owned by CB & Alyce Williamson.

Pierce goes Best of Breed 3 of 4 days in Kansas City.
AND take another Group III at Scottsbluff K.C. under Ken Buxton.

Tramore Red Center
Nov. 2009
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